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Windows Store Application Library provides a collection of UI controls and utilities for Windows 8 store application XAML developers. Latest release of Windows Store Application Library contains following controls and utilities.

StoreAppLib can be installed from Visual Studio "Manage NuGet Packages" tool. Click here to how to install NuGet package from Visual Studio.


1. DatePicker control

Represents a Windows 8 Store Application control that allows users to select a date and to display the date with a specified format. When editing, the control displays month in a keyboard like popup window. Page will be automatically moved up if the month popup hides the month text box in the page. You can change month by swiping horizontally and zoom out to year view and to decade view by tapping on the header, or by pinching, or by holding the CTRL key down while scrolling the mouse scroll wheel, or by holding the CTRL key down and pressing the + or - key.

 Developer Guide

Month Picker Control  Month Picker - Year  Month Picker - Decade

2. TimePicker control

The TimePicker control is used to allow users to select time, and to display the time in specified format. The time will be displayed in a textbox. When user tap on the textbox, time picker control will be displayed to select a time. The control can be configured to select time automatically or by tapping on the select button. Based on the time format specified, the control will change its presentation to 24 hours or 12 hours format. Hour, minute and second can be scrolled cyclically.

Developer Guide

Time Picker Control  Time Picker  Time Picker

3. PageHeaderTextBlock control with Global Navigation Menu

Represents a Windows 8 Store Application page header control that helps developers to add a page header with built-in global navigation menu. Menu should be defined in App.xaml.cs file. Page header will have a right arrow which can be customized for individual pages. Pages can subscribe to global navigation menu item invoke event to pass navigation parameter to “Navigating To Page” or to cancel the navigation based on the state of the page.

Developer Guide

Page header with global navigation menu

4. AppBarButton control

Represents a Windows 8 Store AppBar button control that displays a popup menu when tap on it. You can place this button in app bar and apply any style to manage its presentation. Popup menu can be defined in the XAML file. Menu item invoke is notified through MenuItemInvoked event.

Developer Guide

AppBar Button with Menu

5. Charm Setting

CharmSetting is a static class that helps you to configure any UserControl as charm bar setting using a single statement. The setting has 1px border, a header and content as the user control. Header uses the setting command label as header text and  the Assets/SmallLogo.png as the small icon. Border colour will be 20% darker than the header colour. The default width of the setting is 346px and apply EntranceThemTransition to the setting flyout. If you need, you can change the default property values using the static properties of CharmSetting class.

Developer Guide

Charm Setting

6. Popup Manager

Popup manager helps to show a framework element control or page as a popup with single statement. The popup can be align left, top, right, bottom or center to the triggering element. You can also define the margin around the triggering element.

Developer Guide

7. TapEffect animation

TapEffect apply pointer up/down theme animation to an item or element when user tap on it. Using this class, developers can quickly add Tap effect to any UI element that does not have built-in up/down theme animation.

Developer Guide

Tap Effect

8. DateTimeConverter

DateTimeConverter converts a DateTime value during data binding using specified format string.

Developer Guide

9. ConcatenationConverter

Concatenation converter concatenate a string property of all elements in a collection during data binding using specified separator between each value. The converter can concatenate property of elements within nested collections.

Developer Guide

10. CountConverter

Count converter finds count of all elements in a collection during data binding. The converter can count the elements within nested collections.

Developer Guide 

Suresh Kumar T Developed by: Suresh Kumar T, Sr. Technical Engineer (Architect), Emirates Airline, Dubai

Copyright (C) 2012 Suresh Kumar T. This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation version 2 of the License.

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